A community that celebrates and honors the lives of those lost

Obit.by is a collection of memories gathered together to tell your loved one’s full life story. Relationships span generations, career changes, town lines and country borders - with every invitation sent, a new story can be told, another photo can be added, more and more memories will be shared. The result? An ongoing memorial to a life lived.

How it Works

Obits begin with you and expand with every story, memory and photo

How to begin

You’ll hand-pick personality traits and interests that describe how your loved one moved through the world. Your choices will inspire a set of questions for you to answer that will spark memories about your loved one’s life.

Expand the Circle

Send the Obit questionnaire to family and friends so they can contribute their own memories. Every invitation you send gives that person the opportunity to share their stories,
and expand the circle by sending invitations of their own.

Collect Stories

Obit.by legacies are built with the stories shared by you and anyone invited to contribute. Each invitation is sent with a set of questions (chosen by you) that will spark memories of how your loved one impacted the world, people around them, and special moments that they’ll never forget.


When new memories are added you’ll be notified before they’re published so that you can review answers and pin your favorite stories. With contributions from friends and family that span your loved one’s lifetime, their Obit legacy will memorialize every part of their world - family and hometown friends, mentors, roommates and spouses all have a chance to contribute to this ongoing digital legacy.